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Sustainability Initiatives

MALFROY motor lodge, Rotorua Accommodation and Spa is eco-conscious, supports Responsible Tourism, and is working to reduce our carbon footprint in a number of ways.

In addition to our geothermal re-injection bore providing all of our central heating and hot water - see below - we minimise our use of electricity by using geothermal heating for drying, light activated security lighting, 12v garden lighting and where practical other lighting is provided though the use of modern eco-bulbs.

We then allow you choice when it comes to having your towels changed daily, provide recycling bins, recyled toilet paper, and use micro-fibre cloths for all of our cleaning - thereby minimising the need for any chemicals. Additionally, we use bio-degradeable packaging, rubbish bin liners, and we compost the organic waste from the property.

Our endeavours to Rethink, Reuse, Reduce and / or Recyle have been officially recognised by the Review Board of the Government owned Agency, Qualmark, who in January 2010 confirmed that MALFROY have been granted an Enviro-Silver award.  This award was reconfirmed in both 2011, and 2012.

MALFROY’s Geo-Thermal Initiatives

MALFROY motor lodge, Rotorua Motel, has invested heavily to establish an ecologically viable geothermal re-injection system. We have a sustainable system comprising of a production bore in the middle of the property, and a re-injection bore at the Eastern end. Having been utilised above ground, our re-injection bore allows all of the waters being taken out of the ground to be returned to the underground reservoir from whence it came.

Whilst above ground the bore water is passed through a series of heat exchangers and used to provide:

a) Central heating for all accommodation across the property
b) Drying of towels etc
c) Heating of our large Plunge Pool
d) Hot water for all of our Studio Apartments.
e) The bore also supplies water for our authentic Mineral Pool

Our production bore extends to an approximate depth of 165 metres where it penetrates a geothermal aquifer. Compressed air is injected into the geothermal waters at a pre-determined depth aerating the water, causing it to rise to the surface at a temperature of approximately 130 degrees Celsius.

For the safety of our guests we have invested in a two stage gas extraction system. The primary gas extractor has been purpose designed and built for MALFROY by a local boffin, to provide maximum gas extraction (Hydrogen Sulphide [H2S]) within a sealed chamber. The gasses are then discharged at a safe level to dissipate naturally into the atmosphere. The geothermal waters then continue through the system and into the secondary gas extractor. Only after the second gas removal process does the water then go into our Mineral Pool.

We have also invested in the design and installation of automatic temperature control systems, to ensure that:

1. We only utilise the amount of water needed to do the job at hand, which is considerably reduced during the summer months

2. The water in the Mineral Pool does not exceed a safe temperature for our guests – which we have set to be 41 degrees ± 1.0 degree.

3. The temperature of our Plunge Pool is also regulated, for the comfort of our guests. In winter this is set at 38 degrees ± 1.0 degree, and in the summer this is progressively reduced as the weather dictates.

When inspected by the local council, our new geothermal management systems have been found to be extremely effective. The Rotorua District Council have consequently been monitoring its effectiveness with a view to recommending its use to the rest of the community.

MALFROY Rotorua Motel have gifted their interests in the design of these systems to the local community.