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Best Places to Visit in Rotorua

We've listed for you our top choices for the best tourist destinations in Rotorua - tourist favorites:

Rotorua Redwoods Forest - Mountain Biking Mecca, beautiful walking trails, pristine streams

Rotorua Redwoods

Rotorua Government Gardens

Truly a family destination in Rotorua, the Rotorua Goverment Gardens features beautiful parks, a cafe, and the Rotorua Museum.

Rotorua Gardens

Rotorua Museum

Rotorua is a cultural center and a significant art center as well. You can see notable Maori art works, emblems, symbols all around the city.  MALFROY motor lodge has commissioned local artists to create garden arts within its courtyard and all over the property. Enjoy looking at interesting pieces as you stroll around MALFROY's flower gardens.

Lake Tarawera

Beautiful Lakes

Rotorua is famous for its beautiful lakes and rivers. There are mysterious stories about these lakes and you will enjoy a Duck Tour for some of them.

Rotorua is also a famous fishing destination!

Rotorua's Eat Street

If you're the type who prefers to relax, have a coffee or a nice brunch, you're in luck! Have a fantastic gourmet meal in the city! Rotorua's central business district is a 15-minute leisurely walk from MALFROY motor lodge.

So pack your bags, book direct and get a great Rotorua accommodation experience from MALFROY motor lodge!

Posted: Wednesday 11 February 2015