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Lake Rotorua Trout Fishing

Rotorua Lake

Rotorua, from which the region takes its name, has five main tributaries and several lesser ones that should not be overlooked at certain times of the year. Lake Rotorua lends itself to trolling and harling but it is the river mouths, especially over the summer months, where catch rates are highest. Being shallow this lake gets quite warm during periods of prolonged hot, and settled weather. Generally the case during the summer months of December to March (Especially so in El Nino years).

Brown trout up to 16.7lb (8kg) can be caught during the summer months in water less than one metre on a range of wet flies or nymphs. Wet fly patterns such the scotch poacher, woolly buggers or craig’s night-time will take both brown and rainbow or glow-in-the-dark (lumo) flies for rainbows while copper john, black nymphs and pheasant tail nymph are a few of the many nymphs that catch trout here. Where allowed spin fishing is also a very productive method of fishing and lures such as the veltic, zed spinner and turbos are just some of the more prolific fish catchers. Once the lake consistently reaches around 18 degrees C it is time to get serious about fishing the above mentioned stream mouths over summer. The Algae bloom that appears in the lake seems to be getting here later in the year and tends to stay longer, usually until the end of July. It doesn’t look good or smell good either but it doesn’t seem to affect the fishery or the eating quality of the fish from this lake.

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Where To Stay

Being centrally located MALFROY is very conveniently positioned for fishing trips to all of the Rotorua Lakes and Rivers. We are also well located for visiting the other Rotorua attractions – geo-thermal, sporting, or scenic.

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Posted: Sunday 7 September 2014