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Rotorua Skyline Mountain Bike Park Opens

As if the Whakarewarewa Forest is not more than enough to be considered the highlight of your trip, Rotorua opens a new cool MTB park!

MTB enthusiasts are in for a great holiday in Rotorua! This new MTB park is open for all ages and levels of MTB experience.

Bring your bikes and the entire family for awesome fun and adventure!

Just some reminders before going on your MTB holiday:

1. Always check the weather and dress appropriately for the weather condition.

2. Get some good tune ups for your bikes especially if you haven't used them in a while. Know your equipment well. 

3. Don't forget your helmets.

4. Stay hydrated. 

5. Ride within your limits. Follow the speed regulations.

Excerpt from 3news:

Mountain bikers are in for a treat with a new facility in Rotorua – the world's first year-round gondola-accessed mountain bike park.

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Posted: Monday 11 August 2014