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Rotorua Travel Tips

Excitement plus anticipation. This is what kids feel when their parents schedule a vacation! A trip with Mum and Dad lights up children's eyes. However, some parents may dread vacations because of associated stress and unforeseen issues. The solution? Great planning!

1. Protection

a. Travel insurance is important especially for overseas travelers.

b. Sunscreen - even if the skies are cloudy, it doesn't mean that UV rays are not penetrating through the clouds. Make sure to always take UV SPF 30-50 lotions with you. Much of New Zealand travel is outdoors. You need to be out and about to enjoy and experience what NZ has to offer. Take care of the families skin.

c. Clothing - bring clothes for 3 seasons! Yes! Especially in Rotorua, where you may experience 3 seasons in 1 day! Choose to bring layers - thin merino-based clothing to keep yourself warm instead of bulky thick jackets which just add weight and not as effective when the temperature changes. NZ is famous for 15-20 degree temperature variations during the day!

2. Research

a. Accommodation - choose Motels with large rooms where kids can roam about. It's important to have parking within the premises and some area where children can play. MALFROY has a children's playground next to the owner's lodge equipped with swings and slides. Researching accommodation helps in getting good rates too. By knowing the average pricing of accommodation in a certain location, Mums and Dads can make comparisons across several key considerations: location, amenities, price, facilities and user reviews.
Due to lack of accommodation during peak seasons, most of the Motels nad Hotels in top tourist locations like Rotorua are booked out. You may want bto plan early, or you canb also opt to visit Rotorua in Autumn or Winter to get good rates.

b. Transportation - booking flights or rental cars ahead makes sense especially during peak seasons. The closer you get to the date, the more you have to pay. This is generally the trend on online booking systems too.

c. Food - gather a list of cafes and restaurants in an area and look up reviews about their food and pricing. Planning food choices even before arriving to your destination prevents over spending on food that's not worth the price you paid.

3. Bring memories home

In the age of Facebook and Instagram, it makes sense to stay at motels which offer free, high speed wifi (available at MALFROY motor lodge). Magic moments are instantly shared and documented online. Don't forget to bring your cameras, chargers and adapters. Remember, New Zealand power plug adapters have an earthing pin.
Most outlets in New Zealand are grounded and have switches on them for extra safety. The standard New Zealand power plug has two flat pins that form a V-shape, as well as an earthing pin. Though you can use both grounded and ungrounded plugs in those outlets, we still recommend that the plug adapter you take with you is a grounded one, as it can be dangerous to use the grounded plug of one of your appliances into an ungrounded plug adapter.

Enjoy your travel! Most of all, plan for flexibility in order to keep the stress minimal! 

Posted: Sunday 25 May 2014