Lodge Hosts

Mairi and Ron Hunter are your hosts at MALFROY motor lodge Rotorua accommodation. We arrived in New Zealand from Kent in England back in 1986, and we have previously lived and worked in both Africa and the Middle East. Mairi was a Registered Nurse trained in Scotland, and Ron has come into tourism out of the Corporate worlds of London, Tripoli, Khartoum, Jeddah and Wellington.

Being naturally curious, we have both travelled widely internationally, and have also visited many parts of New Zealand. This has allowed us to experience a wide range of accommodation types, and we want you to know that we are committed to providing our guests with a high level of service, comfortable accommodation and value for money at MALFROY motor lodge Rotorua:

"We will do what we can to help make your visit to Rotorua both comfortable and a great experience."

Since moving to Rotorua in 2008 we have come to recognise that three or four days of sightseeing can give people a very good appreciation of Rotorua and its surroundings. Based on our recent guest feedback we can advise you on what is currently popular and available in the time you have, and how to get there.  Rather than your paying us for thesse attractions, we can generally provide discount vouchers that save you money!

"Our guests enjoy talking to us, and that means we can help to make their stay in Rotorua more interesting".

Much of our business comes from our guests telling others how much they enjoyed their Rotorua stay at MALFROY. Check out some of our more recent feedback on our Feedback page.  Our only request is that that if there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable - please let us know at the time - as we really do want your stay to be everything that it can be.

We look forward to meeting you,

Mairi & Ron